ell, 21.
what would you do if you weren't afraid?

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The Mindy Project 2.22 / Broad City 1.09 / The Good Wife 2.22
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Stana Katic + Emojis (insp.)

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close up of stana  || 19.07.14

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doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

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I think that [Mulder and Scully’s] relationship is defined not by what’s being said, but by what’s being withheld. But it’s absolutely plain that they love each other — in their own way. It’s the best kind of love. It’s unconditional. It’s not based on a physical attraction, but on a shared passion for life and for their quest. These are romantic heroes, romantic heroes in the literary tradition.

—Chris Carter


Elaine Stritch, Tart-Tongued Broadway Actress and Singer, Is Dead at 89 | NYT

Plainspoken, egalitarian, impatient with fools and foolishness, and admittedly fond of cigarettes, alcohol and late nights — she finally gave up smoking and drinking in her 60s — though she took it up again — Ms. Stritch might be the only actor to work as a bartender after starring on Broadway, and she was completely unabashed about her good-time-girl attitude.

“I’m not a bit opposed to your mentioning in this article that Frieda Fun here has had a reputation in the theater, for the past five or six years, for drinking,” she said to a reporter for The New York Times in 1968. “I drink and I love to drink, and it’s part of my life.”


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i spent 95% of today thinking about gillian anderson and the other 5% playing kim kardashian hollywood

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Gillian Anderson for S Moda magazine.

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