Title: XO/Out Of The Woods

Artist: Beyoncé/Taylor Swift

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Those previous versions of herself were so distant now that remembering them was almost like remembering other people, acquaintances, young women whom she’d known a long time ago, and she felt such compassion for them. ‘I regret nothing,’ she told her reflection in the mirror, and believed it. (insp)


what’s dana scully’s favourite show

how to get away with mulder

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Run, Alicia, Run! Peter Florrick’s wife takes a center stage in S.A. Race.

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Happy/Sad/Confused with Gillian Anderson. Photos courtesy of Josh Horowitz.

destroy peter florrick 2014

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trust no1

Did you know Stana Katic was a part of her high school’s environmental club in high school?

@Stana_Katic and her sister Gigi at tonight’s #2014EMAs. Good looks run in the family! @glamourmag (x)

BuzzFeed: 28 Rounds of Pictionary with Gillian Anderson.

Chanel S/S 2015